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Boron Nitride Powders

Momentive Technologies is a leading global source of boron nitride (BN) powders, which enable high thermal conductivity formulations of thermal interface materials (TIMs). PolarTherm® and CoolFlow®, along with more than 80 grades of BN powders, deliver exceptional thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and lubrication across demanding applications such as electronic materials, aerospace, plastics, metal processing and more.


Our unique BN expertise allows us to tailor various powder characteristics like purity, crystallinity, surface area, particle size, etc. We are constantly adding new grades to enable new applications and maintain our position as the preeminent supplier of boron nitride powders.

Key Features

High thermal conductivity enables improved thermal management and heat dissipation in electronics

Low coefficient of friction formulations in rubbers and plastics enable self-lubricated gaskets, seals, bearings, etc.

Excellent electrical insulation enables high dielectric strength formulations

Excellent high-temperature stability delivers oxidation resistance and stable friction in high-performance brakes

Superior lubrication in high performance greases sustains lubricity at high temperatures

Chemically inert compound and resistance to molten metals improve tooling and furnace life during metal processing

Potential Applications

Thermally conductive additives for thermal interface materials and plastics

Additive for high-performance brake formulations

Lubricating additive used in oils, greases, plastics and rubber

Additive for release / protective coatings in metal processing

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