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Momentive Technologies’ boron nitride (BN) powders grades HCV and AC6003 are Agglomerates composed of submicron hexagonal turbostratic crystals. The mean particle size for these fine powders is 7 11 µm, and over 95% of the particles pass through a 325 mesh.

As initial synthesis powders, these grades provide an economical alternative to higher purity grades such as HCP and possess a smaller hexagonal platelet structure which may provide good nucleation and lubrication qualities.

Grade HCV is Momentive Technologies “basic” grade of BN, and serves as a starting block for the production of many advanced materials. It may provide excellent nucleation in plastics applications for foaming and solidification.

Features and Benefits

  • Thermal Conductor
  • Electrical Insulator
  • Low Dielectric Constant/Loss
  • High Temperature Stability
  • Lubricious
  • Inert and Chemically Stable
  • Non-wetting
Typical Physical Properties
Crystal (Type)
Hexagonal (Turbostratic)
Mean Particle Size μm
Crystal Size μm
Surface Area m2/g
Tap Density g/cm3
Oxygen %
Soluble Borates %
Carbon %

Typical properties are average data and are not to be used as or to develop specifications.

Typical Particle Size Distribution 1

hcv typical particle size distribution

Potential Applications

  • Paints
  • Refractory coatings
  • Mold/die release agents for their release properties and inertness to molten metals and salts.
  • They are also hot pressable materials which can be considered for use in manufacturing shapes and composites where good thermal conductivity, high electrical resistivity and machinability are desired.

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Boron Nitride Powders – HCV

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Boron Nitride Powders – HCV

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