Ceramics Products

ceramic powders and solids

Resistant. Resilient. Reliable.

Technology is continually advancing.

With demand for “the next best thing” in performance, strength and sophistication, meeting the everchanging needs of the market is an uphill battle. Momentive Technologies is the global leader in advanced ceramic technology. Our products are designed to serve a multitude of applications and industries.

Ceramic Powders

Momentive Technologies is a leading global source of boron nitride (BN) powders, which enable high thermal conductivity formulations of thermal interface materials (TIMs). PolarTherm® and CoolFlow®, along with more than 80 grades of BN powders, deliver exceptional thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and lubrication across demanding applications such as electronic materials, aerospace, plastics, metal processing and more.

Our unique BN expertise allows us to tailor various powder characteristics like purity, crystallinity, surface area, particle size, etc. We are constantly adding new grades to enable new applications and maintain our position as the preeminent supplier of boron nitride powders.

Ceramics Solids

Hot-pressed boron nitride (BN) solids are easily machinable materials formed by sintering at high pressures and temperatures. BN solids deliver excellent electrical insulation (except for BN-TiB2 composites), and excellent resistance to molten metals, molten salts and many plasma environments.

Our BN solids portfolio includes grades with and without binders, as well as composites to meet a wide array of specifications. Complementary ceramic additives can also be incorporated to optimize machinability, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. With comprehensive machining capabilities, our BN solids portfolio is available in everything from common stock shapes and sizes to bespoke items.


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