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Characteristics of Boron Nitride

  1. Based upon certain laboratory studies, BN powder was considered non-toxic at certain levels of oral, dermal and inhalation administration.
  2. Based upon certain laboratory studies, BN powder was considered non-irritating and non-sensitizing at certain levels of ocular and dermal administration.

Meeting Your Application Needs

Our unique BN expertise allows us to tailor various powder characteristics like purity, crystallinity, surface area, particle size, etc. We are constantly adding new grades to enable new applications and maintain our position as the preeminent supplier of boron nitride powders.

Thermal Management
Electrical Insulation
Thermal Fillers Enable Next-Gen Thermal Management for Electric Vehicles
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the power supply for Charging of an electric car
Thermal Management for Electric Vehicles
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Boron Nitride for Lubrication
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Boron Nitride for Thermal Management
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High Performance Lightweight Ceramics for Critical Thermal Management in Electronic Devices
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Momentive Technologies’ high quality agglomerate h-BN powder delivers high performance in all directions
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Typical Material Properties

Hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) is a synthesized ceramic material with unique properties. It has good thermal conductivity, great electrical resistivity, excellent high temperature resistance and chemical inertness, and many other interesting features not easily found in regular ceramic materials.

Property Typical value
Theoretical density
2.25 g/cc
Thermal conductivity
300 W/mK*
Volume resistivity
1015 Ω-cm
Dielectric constant
Mohs hardness

Typical properties are average data and are not to be used as or to develop specifications.

Crystal structure of hexagonal BN

Wide range of BN powder portfolio

Momentive Technologies is a leading global source of boron nitride (BN) powders, which enable high thermal conductivity formulations of thermal interface materials (TIMs). PolarTherm® and CoolFlow®, along with more than 80 grades of BN powders, deliver exceptional thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and lubrication across demanding applications such as electronic materials, aerospace, plastics, metal processing and more.

Single-Crystal Platelets

Mean Particle Size: 5 – 50 µm

Advantages: Small particle size

Med-Density Agglomerate

Mean Particle Size: 50 – 350 µm

Advantages: More isotropic than platelets

Pressed Agglomerate

Mean Particle Size: 20 – 350 µm

Advantages: Robust particles

Spherical Agglomerate

Mean Particle Size: 25 – 65 µm

Advantages: Isotropic, small particles

Featured Product Grades


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