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Momentive Technologies’ NX grades are white, hexagonal BN platelets with an ultrafine BN crystal structure.

Features and Benefits

  • Thermal Conductor
  • Electrical Insulator
  • Low Dielectric
  • Constant/Loss
  • High Temperature Stability
  • Lubricious
  • Inert and Chemically Stable
  • Non-Wetting

Momentive Technologies produces over 50 standard and custom grades of boron nitride (BN) powders to meet a wide range of application requirements and has over 50 years of expertise in the synthesis and refinement of BN powders.

Typical Physical Properties NX1 NX5 NX10
Mean Particle Size μm 0.9 5.0 0.9
Surface Area m2/g 20 20 14
Tap Density g/cm3 0.12 0.12 0.12
Oxygen % 1.00 1.00 1.00
Soluble Borates % 0.10 0.10 0.10

Typical properties are average data and are not to be used as or to develop specifications.

Boron Nitride Grades
NX1, NX5 & NX10


NX1 is an ultrafine BN crystal with a submicron mean particle size. NX1 is optimized to be easily dispersible and the particles remain in suspension over extended periods of time.



NX5 is made up of small agglomerates of ultrafine BN crystals. These agglomerates can enhance thermal conductivity of thin films.



NX10 is a medium sized agglomerate with improved flowability for incorporation into coatings or resins. NX10 agglomerates can be compounded into plastics to improve lubrication and reduce coefficient of friction.


Note: Images are results from test data, actual results may vary. Typical properties and test data are not to be used as or to develop product specifications.

Potential Applications

NX grades are excellent candidates to consider for use in a wide range of demanding applications, including:

  • Lubricants and release agents for high-temperature metal and glass
  • Refractory coatings
  • Base material for hot pressed solids and metal-matrix or ceramic-metal composites
  • Processing and final product enhancement of plastics, including nucleation of solid and foamed products
  • Lubricating and reinforcing additives for tribological enhancement of polymer composites

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