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Looking for the highest purity, most chemically durable glass vials for pharmaceutical primary packaging? Look no further than Pur Q fused quartz vials.
Our mass-produced quartz vials were developed specifically for the most demanding pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and radiopharmaceutical packaging challenges. Made from Momentive’s 214 quartz tubing, their ultra-high purity (>99.995% SiO2) is revolutionary to primary packaging. This purity benefits a wide range of formulations sensitive to trace Al, Na, B, Ca, Ba, K, Fe, Zr, Ti, As, etc. In addition, this high purity results in significant improvements in other key material properties, including chemical durability, thermal resilience, optical transparency, and radiation tolerance.
For chemical durability, fused quartz vials are unsurpassed. We eliminate low pH ion-exchange corrosion thanks to the lack of metal ions in the glass network. On the other hand, choosing fused quartz vials at high pH eliminates the unwelcome surprises, inhomogeneities, and stochastic behavior characteristic of conventional Type I borosilicate vials. The mechanism for delamination is not only controlled but removed altogether.
The unparalleled thermal resilience of fused quartz vials means they can handle extreme heat and cold. Even more unique is the ultra-low coefficient of thermal expansion (5.5X10-7 / °C), which enables fused quartz vials to withstand even the most sudden and severe temperature changes (thermal shock resistance). For more information, follow the link to quartz thermal properties.
Optical transparency for pharmaceutical vials is essential, particularly concerning visual inspection and quality control. Fused quartz has higher optical transmission than other vials and maintains this high transparency even after radiation sterilization by gamma or electron beam irradiation (non-darkening). Furthermore, fused quartz vials offer transparency in the UV range, which extends the suite of available and valuable non-destructive in-line and at-line diagnostics that can be performed while maintaining the container closure integrity of the primary packaging container. For more information, follow the link to quartz optical properties.
Active pharmaceutical ingredients are becoming more complex, fragile, and sensitive. At the same time, expectations for consistent product quality and purity are higher than ever. The unique and exceptional properties of Pur Q fused quartz vials are critical to safely packaging the most challenging formulations yet to come.


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