Carbide coatings


Extreme thermal stability and chemical resistance
Carbide Coatings

Momentive Technologies’ unique carbide coatings provide exceptional protection for graphite in harsh semiconductor and compound semiconductor material processing. The results are extending graphite component life, maintaining reaction stoichiometry and suppressing impurity migration into epitaxy and crystal growth applications to provide improved yield and quality benefits.


Our Tantalum Carbide (TaC) and Niobium Carbide (NbC) coatings guard key furnace and reactor components at elevated temperatures (up to 2200°C) against hot ammonia, hydrogen and silicon vapors and molten metals. Momentive Technologies can provide our coating either as a toll-coating or on a full-service basis thanks to our extensive graphite machining and measurement capabilities to handle your customized requirements, and our team of expert engineers is always here to help you design the right solutions for you and your specific applications.

Key Features

Temperature stability over 2000°C enables ultra-high temperature operation

Resistance to H2, NH3, SiH4, and Si provides protection in harsh chemical environments

Resistance to thermal shock accelerates operation cycles

Strong adhesion to graphite ensures long life without coating delamination

Ultra-high purity eliminates unwanted impurities or contaminations

Conformal coating coverage achieves tight dimension tolerance

Potential Applications

GaN and SiC Epitaxial CVD reactor components, including wafer carriers, satellite disks, showerheads, ceilings and susceptors

SiC, GaN and AlN crystal growth components, including crucibles, seed holders, guide rings and filters

Industrial components, including resistive heating elements, injection nozzles, masking rings, and brazing fixtures

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