Pur Q

Pur Q®

When Momentive Technologies introduced Pur Q® fused quartz vials in 2017, we brought a 75-year legacy of fused quartz tubing manufacturing to a pharmaceutical industry on the precipice of great change.


Pur Q® fused quartz vials are the world’s first 99.995% pure silicon dioxide (SiO2) vials for pharmaceutical primary packaging. This level of purity means Pur Q® vials have an exceptionally inert, non-reactive surface that virtually eliminates the risk of interaction with your packaged drug formulation.


By eliminating risks of delamination or alkali or aluminum release, and widening the allowable pH window, Pur Q® vials enable pharmaceutical developers to rethink what is possible in drug formulation.

Quartz Properties

Quartz Properties

In-depth data and information about the properties of Momentive Technologies’ fused quartz materials is available here.