Solid dependability
High-purity fused and opaque quartz production

Momentive Technologies produces high-purity clear fused and opaque quartz ingots that deliver high-performance for advanced wafer processing. Inherent part-per-million and part-per-billion trace element levels allow chip makers to achieve leading edge performance and yield. Specially processed to possess low hydroxyl (–OH) levels, Momentive Technologies quartz ingots are an excellent solution for elevated temperature applications.


Momentive Technologies quartz ingots are produced in several high-purity grades to suit various applications. Multiple form factors are available ranging from hollow cylinders to large solid ingots allowing for ultimate flexibility during component fabrication. Ingot materials are available through a worldwide network.

Key Features

Exceptionally high purity offers an ultraclean environment during front-end semiconductor wafer processing

Material homogeneity delivers uniform and predictable performance

Low hydroxyl achieves high viscosity for elevated temperature applications

“Copy Exactly” processes deliver identical output and consistent yield

Wide range of sizes offers flexibility for fabrication of various shapes

Global authorized network of fabricators precisely transform Momentive Technologies quartz ingots into finished products

Potential Applications

Semiconductor wafer processing equipment for etch, diffusion, deposition and tanks

LED wafer processing

Solar wafer processing


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