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Quartz Rods

Momentive Technologies quartz rods offer exceptional purity, high temperature and chemical resistance, tight dimensional control and outstanding mechanical strength to serve a range of demanding applications. Our rods support the integrity of your processes and quality of your products while delivering on our long-standing reputation for consistent performance.


Our 214™ quartz has set the standard in industries including semiconductor wafer processing, fiber optics and aerospace. With a global manufacturing and fabrication network, Momentive Technologies is the reliable source for your quartz rod needs.

Key Features

Exceptional purity with consistent quality maintains high yield in front-end semiconductor wafer processing

Low hydroxyl content provides exceptional strength at high temperatures

Tight dimensional control with “Copy Exactly” process minimizes variance for consistent, predictable performance

Global authorized network of fabricators precisely transform Momentive Technologies quartz rods into finished products

Rods with diameters upward of 50mm excel across a wide range of fiber optic and other demanding applications

Potential Applications

Semiconductor wafer carriers

Traditional and advanced lighting products

Welding rod for quartz fabrication

Aerospace composite materials

Fiber optic handles for deposition and draw processes

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