Momentive Technologies is a global leader in fused quartz with unrivaled manufacturing capabilities. Our ultra–high-purity quartz products help enable high-quality processing and production across a wide range of demanding applications in the semiconductor, photovoltaic, lighting, water purification, pharmaceutical packaging, consumer electronics and telecommunications industries.


We have enabled breakthrough developments that have transformed industries. From the first halogen lamps in the 1940s to the recent, state-of-the-art Pur Q® vials, Momentive Technologies quartz products make the next generation of innovation possible.

Find a Fabricator


A network of highly qualified fabricators is available to transform Momentive Technologies’ fused quartz tubing, rods and ingots into quality quartz ware.

Quartz Calculators


Momentive Technologies offers an array of easy-to-use calculators and other tools to help you determine the type of fused quartz material you’ll need for your specific application.

Quartz Properties


In-depth data and information about the properties of Momentive Technologies’ fused quartz materials is available here.