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Quartz Crucibles

In the manufacture of silicon wafers for semiconductor applications, polysilicon starting materials are placed in a fused quartz crucible, heated to high temperatures and pulled from the melt as a single crystal. Fused quartz is the oxide of the silicon molten in it, minimizing contamination concerns, and one of the few materials that can combine the high purity and high temperature properties required.


Momentive Technologies offers a variety of compositions, from natural to synthetic silica materials, and customizable properties such as bubble content to optimize optical transmission and inner surface glass quality. A wide variety of customizable designs and coatings are available to optimize cost of ownership.

Key Features

Customizable by dimension, purity, bubble content and coating to meet specific customer needs

Regional sales offices worldwide ensure responsive and attentive local support

Available from 14 to 36 inches in diameter to accommodate a wide range of hot zone designs

Potential Applications

Semiconductor silicon ingot growth

Semiconductor equipment parts

Firing of various materials

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