Boron Nitride Solids solids

Boron Nitride

When electrical and high-temperature failures aren’t an option, our boron nitride solids are the solution
Boron Nitride Solids

Hot-pressed boron nitride (BN) solids are easily machinable materials formed by sintering at high pressures and temperatures. BN solids deliver excellent electrical insulation (except for BN-TiB2 composites), and excellent resistance to molten metals, molten salts and many plasma environments.


Our BN solids portfolio includes grades with and without binders, as well as composites to meet a wide array of specifications. Complementary ceramic additives can also be incorporated to optimize machinability, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. With comprehensive machining capabilities, our BN solids portfolio is available in everything from common stock shapes and sizes to bespoke items.

Key Features

Excellent electrical insulation protects materials against electrical failures and other safety concerns

Worry-free resistance to molten metals, salts and glasses protects against extremely high temperatures during metal processing

Machinable ceramics can be machined to tight tolerances

Potential Applications

Insulators for electrical equipment, high temperature furnaces, and semiconductor equipment

Crucibles for metal evaporation

Nozzles, thimbles, and molds for metal processing

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